2020, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pages: 652-656  
J. Environ. Treat. Tech.  
ISSN: 2309-1185  
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Strategic Environment Resource Management  
Concept and Needs  
Abdul Hadi *, Poni Yanita , Cahya Fajar Budi Hartanto , Svetlana Nikolaevna Sychanina ,  
Faculty of Syari'ah, Universitas Islam Negeri Raden Fatah Palembang, Palembang, Indonesia  
Department of Management, Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Sakti Alam Kerinci, Jambi, Indonesia  
Department of Nautica, Politeknik Bumi Akpelni, Indonesia  
Kuban State Agrarian University named after I.T. Trubilin, Krasnodar, the Russian Federation  
Universitas Negeri Medan, Medan, Indonesia  
Received: 11/11/2019  
Accepted: 08/02/2020  
Published: 20/02/2020  
Strategy is a multi-dimensional idea going great past customary aggressive procedure ideas. Methodologies are wide explanations  
that set a path. Strategies area an obtainable, specific, measurable arrangement of plans carefully created with association by a  
foundation's partners. These activity proclamations are connected to an individual or people who are responsible and engaged to  
accomplish their responsibility regarding the environment. The process of human asset work with the key destinations of the association  
so as to improve execution is known as Strategic environment resource management. Keeping and attracting skilled and talented  
workers is one of the most significant difficulties associations face in the present powerful business world  
Keywords: Strategy, Strategic human resource management, Talented workers, Improve execution  
Strategic human resource management is the act of  
developing, retaining, attracting, and rewarding workers to assist  
both the representatives as people and the association overall. HR  
divisions that training strategic human resource management don't  
work autonomously inside a storehouse; they cooperate with  
different offices inside an association so as to comprehend their  
objectives and afterward make techniques that line up with those  
targets, just as those of the association. Subsequently, the  
objectives of a human asset division reflect and bolster the  
objectives of the remainder of the association. SHRM is viewed  
as an accomplice in authoritative achievement, rather than a need  
for compensation or legal compliance. SHRM uses the  
opportunity and talent inside the HR office to make different  
offices more grounded and progressively viable (1-5).  
Strategic HRM Importance  
At the point when a human resource department builds up its  
arrangements for training, compensation, and recruitment on the  
objectives of the association, it is guaranteeing a more noteworthy  
possibility of authoritative achievement. How about we consider  
this methodology in connection to a b-ball group, where Player  
An is the vital HR office, and Players B through E are different  
divisions inside the association.  
Figure 1: Strategic human resource management  
The entire group needs to win the ball game, and they all  
might be remarkable players all alone, however one incredible  
player doesn't generally win. In the event that you've watched a  
Corresponding author: Abdul Hadi, Faculty of Syari'ah, Universitas Islam Negeri Raden Fatah Palembang, Palembang, Indonesia.  
E-mail: abd.hadhy@radenfatah.ac.id.